Alabama Public Radio

I was a student reporter for NPR affiliate Alabama Public Radio from the summer of 2016 to December of 2017. In my tenure with APR, I produced five feature pieces, four of which were recorded and played on air.

My feature, Alabama Students and Louisiana Recovery, won first place in the Associated Press Awards for Best Student Feature. I attended a cat show in Birmingham and reported on the intricacies of cat shows and stories of different contestants. Huntsville’s “Eggbeater Jesus” began reconstruction in 2017, and I spoke with the church’s pastor and attendee about the project. My final feature with APR was interviewing Tuscaloosa and Birmingham specialist about a SANE nurse project coming to Tuscaloosa after the tragic suicide of a former University of Alabama student.

NPR also used clips from an interview I conducted with the prosecutor for the 1963 Baptist Church Bombing in Birmingham, AL that killed four black girls in the church. These clips can be found among 96 other pieces of work I did while at APR.